Live Locally.

Introducing a new geo-social platform to engage with your community in real time.

Our Mission

During a period in which technology so-often divides us, uGeo utilizes social media to bring communities back together. With the ability to find, join, and create groups, you’ll always feel at home wherever you are in the world. Share, discover, and participate in your community interests with uGeo.

your city.

Find something to do or something to learn anywhere, anytime. Search from an abundance of user-generated casts, drops, and tags to find out what’s happening.

Share with your community.

Cast location-based personal updates or share places important to you. You have full control over the who, what, when, and how.

Explore new places.

uGeo content is worldwide. Wherever you are in the world, open up the app to find out what the locals are doing.

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