uGeo is the only app you need when you're new in town

The private and secure app that helps you connect with people, places and events in your new neighborhood or city in real-time

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Find out what your new location has to offer

With one tap, you can see all that's happening around you. See where people are, what they're doing. You can direct message them securely, and share your location privately if you choose. uGeo is a whole new way to connect with others and explore the world around you.

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Find Your Community

A simple map interface gives you accurate, up-to-date information about your location. Find your fitness crew, hook up with your sorority, find a church group, or yoga class, or civic action group. With secure group messaging and location sharing you can connect, make friends, and find your place in your new home.

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What our members are saying

"uGeo is great for people who are new in town and want to meet new people and connect with the groups that matter to them”
Andrew C.
Agency Owner

With uGeo, you'll never feel alone when you're new in town

From day trips to large-scale tours, uGeo is perfect for groups of any size.

Discover exciting places and events near you using just a hashtag
Notify groups about
Get notified about special events and things to see in your new city
Keep in touch with your interests and groups with secure messaging

The only app you need for
navigating life in a new place

Discover Hidden Gems

Browse through curated hashtags of the best places in town. Find the nearest events, places, and people to connect with. Even add your favorites to your list.

Meet New People

Find people for chatting, dating, and making new friends. Private group messaging and secure location sharing make getting together a breeze.

Join the Community

The community-driven app makes it easy for you to explore your city and meet people in the process. Know what the locals know, and feel at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does uGeo work?

uGeo takes travel planning to a new level by making it easier for organizers to mobilize their groups, and by providing a space for people to find the trip offers most relevant to them.

How is uGeo different from the others?

The app provides a map interface to help users to find, join, and organize in their community in real-time.

What are the different platforms available to use uGeo?

uGeo is available on iOS and Android.

What can you do with uGeo?

There's no limit. Use uGeo to find, join and organize civic activities in your community, such as protests, marches, vigils, and sit-ins, voting drives, and organize around social justice issues in real-time.

Is my Data secure?

Your privacy is very important to us. We do not share your information with third parties. Your data is encrypted.

Who can use uGeo?

uGeo is for everyone. Meetup organizers, community groups, civic organizations, sports clubs, college groups, hobbyists, church groups, political action groups etc.