uGeo is the easiest way to find, join, and organize civic events in your community 

Imagine a world where all your neighbors can connect in real-time to solve problems in your community. Discover what's possible with uGeo.

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uGeo is the first location-based app for mobile organizing

Whether it's to protest, rally, or get out the vote, use uGeo to find, join, and create civic events in your community in real-time. Connect with attendees and organizers on the go. Know who is showing up to your event, and share your location securely with others.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration
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Find and connect with your community

Whether you're a non-profit, a grassroots organization, or just someone who cares, you can use uGeo to find people around you who believe in the same causes as you. It is a safe space with all the tools you need to connect with your community and make a difference.

Join thousands of others who are building change in their community

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Founding a movement is easy with uGeo

Create Your Cause

With uGeo you can create your own civic events, and chat with other organizers to stay connected on-the-go.

Mobilize in Real-Time

uGeo provides the necessary tools to plan, mobilize, and control who attends your event with tools like secure location sharing

Amplify Your Voice

Create and promote your event using a hashtag. And with a simple hashtag search anyone can find and sign up to your event.

What our members are saying

"I love this app! I'm always busy with work, so it's really helpful to know what's going on in my community, and how I can get involved."

Rachel M.


"uGeo has helped me cultivate my civic voice."

Andrew C.


uGeo is so easy to use! I love how I can easily find events, RSVP, and get updates and notifications about all of the things happening around me.

Candy G.